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Castle of glass by StamatisGR Castle of glass :iconstamatisgr:StamatisGR 16 2 Temple of Olympian Zeus by StamatisGR Temple of Olympian Zeus :iconstamatisgr:StamatisGR 23 9
we've lost.
Magenta hills, they've rolled with smoke
and fire swept our certain ashes
within the locks of ruby red,
we straw and bleed; we're twigs within
our broadest bent morality
and suffer we must, our skin pelts peeled back
revealing sickness in the white
white clouds that swirl and whisper
smoke sifted in the waving hands, the fond farewell--
and magic, and love
forgiveness, generosity
good sense and other things
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 11 2
windswept anna
I dream a whiskey slur
 and unlearn the tones of sadness
  through an hour and a glass
the stars shape themselves into longing
     nightscapes of light- flashing frenzy
   of colors, one of them bronze (and beautiful)
breeze floating through your skin, my god
  my god, oh
my god I'd love to touch you
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 16 17
207 pieces of cake
207 books with words in them
207 golden chocolate coins
207 love letters for me
207 different cheeses (really?)
207 dark-haired men with glittering eyes
207 washed up plates
207 wishful goodbyes
:iconxtrqs:XTRQS 4 8
I shall die with words like minnows
still attached to the strings of my heart,
swimming like sperm, jostled and mad,
bearing the prologue of life, the opening bars,
the glorious first drone of the chanter
that moves blood in the way of volcanoes to war,
to explosion, the crepuscular exuberance of dawn,
these minnows attached to the shimmering lines.
But the little darlings get confused in the shadows,
panic when light breaks above the tiny Os of their heads,
while the heart-pole bends
like the long slim fingers of a willow,
down, pointing down to the cress-edged creases
and rocky seams of the cold water shallows
that only the babies of the brook trout know,
beneath the laughing poplar and the somber pine,
where water striders tickle the surface of the quiet pools,
like children tracing raindrops on the glass panes
of a grey-lit room on the longest day of their lives,
I will die like minnows, still attached.
:iconriparii:riparii 34 41
Floating Jaguar
Waterbowl Jaguar  
has spoken  
has made his move  
has crushed our skulls  
his unmatchable jaws  
have opened our eyes  
to worlds new  
unequalled ever before  
To wet great cats we owe our future  
Lancelot Price 2017 March 1
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 8 7
The Winter Within
this cold remembers us
as petrified cavities
grown over and nestled
in winters, layers deep
within the nesting doll shells
of its dream teeth
our embedded, throbbing stones
are the true
grind and tear of its teeth,
they still remember
our angel shapes
pressed into surfaces
more hostile than snow
more violent than freezing
is the disintegration
of names and memories
trapped between winters
and layers of enamel,
our dead seasons, unmarked
laid to sleep and slow
beneath a blurred pane
it's here, in our hollow
that winds don't bite
because they don't need to,
because faces erased softly
by a blanket of snow
are presumed to join gently
the ecosystem beneath it
here, winter is merely the child we were
that fell through the ice, sinking
swaddled in the dark slow sway
of the hungry pike that found us,
dreams still warm on our skin
hope still bubbling on our breath
the winter within
is a weight, a welcome and goodbye,
the process of drowning
in survival,
the stark and sterile weaponization
of e
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 18 13
I slept naked under the brush
   of your december bluewhite erasure
  knowing you were recreating earth
beneath a sheet of lithium carbonate
          (taking some and taking some
       to market)
I am sorry for the ghosts
   left scratched into glass sculpture
for the salted moon and sugarglazed eyes
    and all the little fibrous tears
        muscles weary, november trembling
  as a product of creation
for your exhaustion, as it extends
    to every stroke and every color
  for the stoking of the fire
        before the coolwet winds of early winter
come and take me home
I didn't mean to leave, but you
     were far too luminous to stay
in one space, in one time
         for any longer than the moment,
burning brightly, headed for collapse
    and renewal.
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 21 19
the daughter universe
Lonely men, I’ve noticed, will pay off their little houses
and live in them by themselves until they burn down
from a dead gas pilot and 80’s paperback philosophy.
In other words, out on one hundred highway north at dusk,
which is a daylight’s ride from the sack, the dunes simply
spill out on the road; the crazy thing being, nobody’s worried.
Keep driving until the damn thing just ends at the last rogue pier
on the island’s tip. There’s a dark night beach on the right
and if you wade into the waves, about 130 feet, east by northeast,
you’ll find a miraculous shoal where the salt from a trillion graves
will wash up on your thighs and the moon searches the dark pitch
of water like a frantic mother.  Pick any wave and follow it fondly
until you forget of me,
:iconspoems:spoems 32 26
I've had no dreams for a long long time  
Each sleep I've gone without a vision  
Now I've started to drink caffeine  
without a limit  
right to the time I go to bed  
I sleep right away  
but the dreams are now  
Strange happenings without relation
of any sort that I can see
to me
And yet they threaten
They scare the part of me that cares
about meaning
and I am left with vague unease
Lancelot Price 2016 September 14
I'm interested in sleeping
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 7 28
The second Venice
The mayor is proud of living
-while not-
in Europe,
in the winter of rains and snows
People are proud of learning
how to walk on the walls
to avoid the river
fumble on the handrails
to avoid falling
into the winter
of the fused out electricity
Behold, compatriots, Modernity!
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 9 2
Endless blurs
are the hours
and the spines
are melting in pain
the window remains
moving yet the same
downwards the water hails
but the world does not move
There is no voyage
Just the numbness
of a halfbit comedian
in the hanging theater.
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 9 6
Who needs the sun?
The asphalt the streets
the crowded elders
the endless decades
without a shower
without washed clothes
the hidden files written
on the dark spots on the skin
the autumn caries
the stenched coughs
about the shortcicuiting entrails
the air and the wait
the queues and the numbers
the clerks and their voiceless repetitions
the late arrivals and the ever growing impatience
the standups that never end while the clerks
scurry after the sytstem blackouts
and while all the stupefied costumers wait
for hours
as their humours wisp away in the heat
the woman of the house
fancies getting
a new
shine on the car
-don´t remind her
about the scratch on the back door
the one she caused-
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 9 10
I like you
underneath the name
and bones that poke
like questions.
You sit too close to me,
knees remembering the spring
and making me ask
why you never let
my skin make yours
a memory.
I will find you again,
hunched over poetry
your eyes holding court
over what blooms
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 138 39



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